practical examples

Two examples of facing hard problems
by focusing on basic Christianity:


  God has created every good thing to be gratefully
shared in by those who believe and know the truth.
– 1 Timothy 4                                                                   

the friends’ prayer:

   “Dear God, In Jesus’ name we gratefully share with each other this good thing You have created.”

   This is God’s purpose for all relationships. In the short term, force yourself to be kind, humorous, and friendly with pets or stuffed animals, sharing healthy, planned activities of high interest to you. In the long term, either join other Christians serving God, or invite them to join you serving Him. Dedicated Christian PURPOSE is the only thing that permanently binds people together (Luke 8:19–21).



   Romantic, sexual pleasure is the most embarrassingly intimate part of your heart: your physical, emotional love-nature. You must learn to deliberately target this nature on the idea of properly married love instead of sexual immorality. Whether single or married, you must make your heart want the right thing!

purity = setting your heart (thoughts)
on proper married love
with the right partner

right partner = husband or wife
who shares your same life purpose
of determined obedience to God

   Proper Marriage Focus + Patient Busy Work = Healthy Survival. (Healthy simply means you don’t give up trying. It does not necessarily mean strong, happy, easy, or cured.)




Two examples of pursuing godly living:


PRAYER                                                                   Brief, focused, regular!

     instant:                                                    short:

     Father                                                   Only Provider
     Provision                                                  Flawless Character Praise
     Jesus                                                        Provision or Not

                                                                           Message Keeper
                                                                           Proper Provision

                                                                       Your Will Always
                                                                       All Thanks

                                                                   In Jesus’ Name

                                                         *** translation ***
Flawless Father,
     You alone are Lord, Creator, and Sustainer of all things. I trust and praise Your flawless character whether or not You choose to provide for me in this life. Nevertheless...please grant me proper, practical provision to be a “Message keeper,” just as You have commanded in Your New Testament. Let Your will always be done, and let me always be found trying to obey it. I thank You for all things in Jesus’ name, especially _______.

   The secret to regular prayer is EASY KEY FOCUS-WORDS. Never use more than a few keys per thought; place them in logical order. Write them out until memorized. And: practice repentance behaviors before or after praying!

   When you are in the fog of chronic pain, prayer must be brief–and FOCUSED directly on your created purpose (to obey & promote the simple gospel). It must also be deeply patient and respectful, because God is harder and more demanding than any human authority. Everything rightly belongs to Him, and “People can only receive what they are given from above.” So be firm and steady, not angry or demanding. Choose to seek and worship GOD, not answered prayer.





PROMOTE THE GOSPEL?                                        Start with the bank!

   MATTHEW 25 IS A STERN WARNING that all Christians, regardless of their abilities, must pass the gospel on to others. “Gifted” missionaries and evangelists have little problem seeing to this.

   BUT MANY OTHER less gifted Christians simply ignore this duty...just like the unwise servant whom Jesus rejects in His parable after asking him plainly:

“Then why did you not at least put my money in the bank?”

   Jesus is not talking about money, banks, or even natural abilities in Matthew 25. This parable is about the gospel. The “bank” is a joint pool where less gifted (or differently gifted) Christians are to put their resources so they can be used as needed by more gifted Christians. Listen carefully: If you aren’t very good at sharing the gospel (or even providing basic Christian materials for people), then make sure you at least support other Christians who do have these talents.

   WHERE TO BEGIN: Bible translation is now the very forefront of Christianity and the gospel. “Gentiles” with God’s message in their own language must pass it on to others in their language. “Then the end will come.”

   Give a small, regular amount to Wycliffe Bible Translators at P.O. Box 628200, Orlando, FL 32862 (or search their website).

                                   The Holy Spirit and the church of God
                               say, “Come!” Everyone who hears this  
                               must also say to others, “Come!”            
                                   – Revelation 22                                         






















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