certainty of fact

   Only people who are absolutely certain about the Resurrection will continue to worship God once terrible suffering comes into their lives. Genuine certainty of this fact requires God’s proof, God’s way, which is called THE NEW TESTAMENT. He has provided no other method of proof–nor does He use or accept any “Gentile” methods.

   THE NEW TESTAMENT is a collection of original reports and teachings by eyewitnesses of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The purpose of the New Testament is:

to emphasize the certainty of Christianity
which is based on fact, not faith,
and insist upon the correct resulting behavior.
(Luke 1, 1 Corinthians 15, Titus 2)

   Is the New Testament really God’s truth delivered by faithful, obedient servants? Or is it just another religion made up by ordinary men? The only way to find out is to read it thoroughly for yourself. It is relatively short and should be read often and repeatedly, especially in its three best English versions: GOOD NEWS TRANSLATION, NEW LIVING TRANSLATION, and NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION.

(Many New Testaments are readily available from the American Bible Society at
bibles.com or you may request a catalog from: ABS, 1865 Broadway, NY, NY, 10023)


Resurrection = fact
apostles’ words = proof
your obedience = faith






















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