critical survival tips

   Strictly abandon all destructive behavior. Sins, addiction, and vices must always be attacked, never excused.

   Seek out healthy pursuits for both work and play with the greatest possible determination. Build your daily, weekly, and monthly schedules around them. (The more hours you fill with healthy pursuits, the less hours you’ll be tempted by destructive behavior.)

   Always do what you can when you are able.

   Expect frequent exhaustion, but always get back on track after you collapse.

   Ignore failure and keep trying. Force yourself to perform the right (planned) action even if you have already behaved wrongly.

   Repeat the right action several times. Practice it occasionally throughout the day.

   Never compare your progress or abilities to anyone else’s. (Or let them do it to you.)

   Be kind, courteous, and helpful to others–whether you feel like it or not. No one wants to help (or even be around) someone who is bitter and abusive. So watch your attitude and always mind your manners (especially with those closest to you).

   Follow a slow, steady path that focuses on basic Christianity. Do not get distracted from reading and obeying the simple New Testament:


   From now on, the Resurrection “overrules” your feelings, complaints, and excuses. You can only “quit” (trying to behave like a Christian) when this fact “quits” (being a fact).





















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