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     Quiet Arrow Press is a private ministry devoted to creating a very unique basic Christianity handbook for college and high school students. (Work in progress.)

     This “Christian depression” website is an online “booklet” built with material from that uncompleted handbook. It is meant to provide direct, immediate help for depressed Christians seeking both godly and practical answers in times of great hardship.

     We provide this material for free, and are entirely non profit. We do not accept donations for this website. (Neither do we accept donations for our handbook at this time.)

     If you found The Depressed Christian Help Guide useful, please consider sending us some FEEDBACK. (Hint: gratitude at arg-arg-arg dot org with the word “feedback” in your title!) We will make every effort to carefully read your message! However, please realize we can promise no response; we have no resources to deal with questions or special requests. As for PRAYER, we certainly will not burden you any more than asking that you add the phrase “Quiet Arrow Press” to your focus list for a week or so--for the Lord will know that we desire to be strengthened and established. (In fact, you will be square by us if you mention us to Him by name even once.)

     If you think it appropriate and consider this website a useful complement to your own, please feel free to link to our main page. Please realize however that we do not provide links here because of the tight, brief, focused nature of this help guide (which we feel is crucial to best help those who are most likely to seek us out).

         PARAPHRASED SCRIPTURES: Job 1,3,7,9,10,40 Lamentations 3 Acts 2 Daniel 4 Matthew 26 John 3
     Habakkuk 3 Luke 10 Revelation 21 Mark 8 Luke 12 John 10 Matthew 5 others as marked
         REFERENCES/BIBLES: Pocket Interlinear New Testament, NIV Interlinear Greek-English New Testament,
     Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, GNT, NLT, NIV, CEV, NASB

The Depressed Christian Help Guide
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