focus of purpose


   Certainty of Christian fact, by itself, is not enough to get you through overwhelming pain. The only permanent solution to pain is a strong sense of genuine, practical  purpose.

   A mind set on pain leads to despair and failure. But a mind set on accomplishing a truly important task or entrusted purpose will struggle onward no matter what the obstacle.

   Purpose becomes focused and practical through goals, plans, and routines.


   Christians don’t get to pick their own life goals because they’ve chosen instead to accept God’s purpose for their lives: OBEYING AND PROMOTING THE SIMPLE GOSPEL as determined “Message keepers.” This means they must deliberately attack their personal sins and replace them with godly habits and activities. But how?

   Critical goals will remain only wishful thinking unless you make specific, workable plans to accomplish them, then test and develop those plans into regular routines. Good planning emphasizes slow, steady progress over many years–not quick, magic results.

   Routines are like rungs on a ladder, which help you get through a day (or week, or month, or year) step-by-step. They help you struggle against your pain so you can live a more useful, godly life. Without them, you will be overwhelmed by discouragement and destructive behavior.
























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