Again, from out of the storm:


   “Whoever loves their own life will lose it, but whoever freely gives it up for the gospel will save it. Listen! Those servants who know the tasks their Master wants done, but do not get themselves ready and do them, will be harshly punished with a heavy whipping. Therefore, I tell you
to plan out your life carefully–and beware of riches, pleasure, and feasting.

   “Beware also of poverty, discouragement, and destructive behavior. See to it that neither happiness
nor unhappiness keeps you from doing God’s work. For
if your earthly life is focused only on the abundance or absence of needed blessings, then your heart is set on yourself and you are on your way to destruction.

   “Instead, make yourself determined to obey and promote the simple gospel! Then your heart will be set
on your Master’s work, and you will be well on your way to eternal life.”








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