Part Three

   Part Three: the new Job

           How can I begin to describe the horrors of what it is like to be
             abandoned and neglected by the “welcoming” God? To always
               be the one who is weak, or sick, or poor, or needy?

           He treats me like a tumbleweed. He cares for me less than He
             does an animal! He lets me wander around helplessly in the
               deepest darkness, and traps me in places of misery and
                 anguish. Bitter suffering and humiliating shame are the
                   only things He gives me for food and drink.

           He forces me to crawl down life’s hard roads, over ruts and
             rocks and thorns. I stagger forward on those rare occasions
               when I am able to walk...but impassable walls still frustrate
                 me wherever I try to turn!

           He binds me in heavy chains of hopelessness, while every door
             to success is locked tight. When I cry out for help—no matter
               how patiently—God remains more silent than the cold
                 emptiness which haunts every passing moment of my
                   dreadful existence.

           I can no longer even imagine what health or strength or blessing
             would be like. And my mind is so sick that it can barely focus
               on what useless thing to try next.

           The thought of life’s many tortures, above all the gnawing bite of
, is bitter poison inside me. I hurt almost constantly,
               and my spirit is drained to the point of despair.

           Who wants to face life without God’s help? Who can live without
             His provision? And yet...despite my constant tiredness and
               pain...I am careful to remember this one, most important thing:

God has raised this Jesus to life,
and we apostles are eyewitnesses of   
the fact.”                                          


Conclusion: true character revealed














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