God’s true character is always flawless,
no matter how certainly it appears otherwise.

My true character is revealed when God says “No.”
(When He denies or takes away blessings from my life, my shamefully
bitter reaction shows clearly what my idolatrous heart was really set on.)


angry and bitter about life                                                                    looks bad for God

   Lord, I too am angry and bitter like Job. I try so hard while You help so little! It seems CERTAIN to me that I am good and You are a monster; that I am reliable while You are an undependable liar; that I am needy while You are unbelievably stingy; that I am helpless while You don’t even care; and that I am a kind person powerless to help others while You are an almighty God who allows atrocities to take place. I feel very sure that “I know better than You” about a great many things.

one-fact basis

   Yet, no matter how certain all these things may seem, they don’t change the fact that the Resurrection took place. And the Resurrection proves me wrong and You right: it is the one supreme fact which soberly warns me that everything about Bible history, Judgement Day, New Creation, eternal life, and Your flawless character is trustworthy and correct. Christ ALONE is the basis of Christianity; my own life experiences are not the basis or foundation for Christianity. And Christianity does not stop being true just because I am having a terrible life.

nowhere else to go for help

   Therefore, I praise the one eternal God and give honor and glory to the Ruler of Heaven. You will rule forever, and Your Kingdom will last for all time. You alone are God. You alone are Creator, and no created thing is greater than You. Creation does not create nor sustain itself; You are its only Lord and Provider, and I will seek my provision from You, and only You, whether You grant it or not.

I know what You’re really like

   You are faithful, loving, kind, generous, and good–even when it appears You are not. Everything You do is right and just, even when it appears You are wrong and unfair. No one can oppose Your will or rightly question what You do. Instead, let Your will be done even if it requires my trust and obedience through crippling pain, terrible suffering, or “untimely” death.

when to give up

   People can receive only what they are given from Heaven–and if hard work produces no rewards (in this life), I will still remain determined because the Lord is my Savior and my name is written in Heaven. My eternal happiness in Your promised “New Heavens and Earth” is absolutely certain! From now on I will put a stop to my sin tantrums and giving up, and worship You even if I get nothing out of it. When can a Christian rightly give up on Christianity? Even though life is utterly horrible, I will stop trying to behave like a Christian only when the Resurrection didn’t happen.











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